This is part two in a four-part series dedicated to an in-depth examination of advance directives: who is eligible to make an advance directive, what it is, how to create one, and what to do with the document after it is completed.

What is an Advance Directive?

An advance directive is a written or oral statement about how you want medical decisions made for you should you not be able to make them yourself. It can also express your wish to make an anatomical donation after death….

Senior Home Care Benefits

Understanding the Primary Senior Home Care Benefits

Senior home care services provide a plethora of senior home care benefits; from providing a companionship to ensuring there is someone that looks after your loved one’s well being.

We can all agree that security and comfort are an important part of our lives. In general, as people get older, they suffer from various ailments, and as a result, they cannot perform all normal everyday tasks. Furthermore, the emotional loneliness and la…

What to do with Muscle Spasms

Coping with Muscle Spasms – Symptoms and Signs

As a practicing physician, I suffer from muscle spasms. I have had nocturnal cramps and exercise induced cramps. My right thigh muscle can spasm so intensely that I fall to the ground in pain. I will tell you how I relieved the pain later in this article.

So little is known about muscle spasms and the treatments are not well defined. Textbooks of medicine hardly talk about the subject. I will attempt to help you because this problem …

 National Assisted Living Week is September 13 through 19.  This nation-wide observance celebrates what makes Assisted Living unique and wonderful and, while it is a Glenmere-wide celebration, the activities department takes the lead in designing specific programs and events.  The theme for 2015 is “No…

Today I was in the doctors office with my son and I was paging through the magazines when this ad caught my eye.

I have a few concerns here:

Are there really employers out there that would not hire someone with a few wrinkles?
Are there people who feel that spending money to remove wrinkles will enable them to get a job?
If you really felt it necessary to surgically remove wrinkles wouldn’t the words “photo not actual client” be a concern? More important, how cou…

Happy Thanksgiving!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we asked our Friendly Senior Living residents and staff to share what they are thankful for. Their responses reflect a deep gratitude for family, friends and the “little” things in our lives which have such great meaning. We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday season ahead!

I am thankful that after having our foster son for 2 years, we will finally be adopting him on Friday, which is also Nationa…